Fire Safe Florida Political Committee

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In 2018 the Fire Safe Florida Political Committee (Fire Safe PC) was formed. The purpose of this committee was to raise the profile of the fire industry and to help further the cause of fire protection in Florida. Historically our members have individually supported campaigns that were in the vicinity of our homes or businesses. By having these funds go through the Fire Safe PC it has created greater recognition of fire protection industry among elected officials across Florida.

Over the past two years, the Fire Safe PC has been investing in legislative and statewide candidates from all corners of Florida that recognize the importance of our businesses to our communities. The Fire Safe PC has made investments in candidates for the State House, Senate, and members of the Cabinet. These investments have raised awareness of the fire protection industry and the policies that help our industries. We are already achieving success in the Legislature.

As we look for support in Tallahassee, it is often found in the candidates we have invested in. The political environment we are in requires campaign support to be successful. The candidates we have supported believe in policies that benefit the business community and want to maintain and create the environment that allows us to do business. Which candidates we support is not based on political party; it is based on having the right policymakers that support the business community.

Why now and why is your participation important? There are groups that favor an environment of more litigation have invested heavily. They have made investments in both Republicans and Democrats that are not interested in defending the pro‐business agenda and don’t see the harm it will cause creating a more litigious environment. This is why we must step up to the table and support candidates that believe we should have the freedom we need to run our businesses, fighting against the pro lawsuit anti‐business community that is looking to make reforms that will benefit them. Ultimately, we will continue to fight for legislation specific to the fire protection industry that will save you money and increase fire protection in Florida.

As we have seen with the Coronavirus pandemic, having pro‐business individuals in office is as important as ever. The fight is upon us in Tallahassee and it is incumbent upon us to make sure the right elected officials are in office. To make sure this happens it takes money. I ask that you consider contributing to the Fire Safe PC in support of our elected officials that fight for us in Tallahassee. Please see the attached instructions on how you can join our fight. Thank you for making Florida Fire Safe now let’s add your logo to this list of supporters!


Clark Gey, President
Wayne Automatic Fire Protections

Brad Kinsell, President
Gator Fire Equipment Company, Inc.